What Doctors Are Saying About Provestra

Provestra, with its 100% natural ingredients has shown highly promising results in improving the sexual desire, achieving orgasm and mitigating symptoms of menopause so commonly seen in women.
The medical fraternity have begun to recognise Provestra as a cost effective, 100% natural supplement that is highly effective in providing benefits to its users.
Doctors are now recommending Provestra based on scientific evidence in support of its natural ingredients that show actual results with minimal side effects so often seen with over-the-counter prescriptions.
Anna Lepeley, PhD, CISSN, CSCS
A Qualified nutrition and exercise expert with extensive experience in nutrition/exercise biochemistry and libido-enhancing supplement based research. Anna has a doctorate in Exercise Biochemistry Research from the reputed Trident University, California. Her studies have focussed on physiological and biochemical features concerning libido and sexual performance & their relationship with diet, supplements, exercise and various lifestyle modifications.
In addition, Anna has to her credit a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Florida International University. She has been associated with research analysing scientific literature, which examines the sexual arousal potential influenced by dietary supplements and nutrient rich foods for over eight years.
Anna has attended several conferences addressing issues pertaining to myths related with aphrodisiacs & constituents of libido enhancing supplements. Moreover, she has closely collaborated with libido enhancing supplement companies where her work included legitimizing their herbal ingredients based on scientific research to prove its efficacy in general population.
Revitalise your lost vitality and get passionate about Sex with Provestra
Women interested in high sex drive, sexual arousal, erotic experience coupled with adequate lubrication and ultimate pleasure can achieve these through Provestra.
Provestra is a 100% reliable and efficacious product formulated to restore sexual health in females.
It is manufactured using natural ingredients that have won appreciation from medical experts for improvising the sexual health in women. This product is magical and creates wonders for women seeking to revive their sex life.
Sexual health, in women can be a perplexing topic. A lot many times, lack of sexual desire has been inadvertently linked with non-existent psychological issues.
In reality, it is the right amount of blood flow, hormones & chemicals from brain and increased lubrication that are required to revamp female sexual health. Each of these factors is equally important and in the absence of any one, women may be unable restore the lost spark in their sex lives. A sense of inadequacy in women can also cause the male partners to feel undesired with ensuing distressing feelings for both. Thus, the solution lies in complete reviatlisation of sexual health.
Regular usage of Provestra helps women regain their lost interest in sex and improves their relationship with their partners. All components used in this formulation have their special benefits. Damiana, is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac that has been used to enhance libido in women since long. Another component of Provestra is Kudzu that contains phytoestrogens that optimally balance the estrogen levels in women. Ginseng has been proven to enhance blood circulation, physical and sexual performance, vitality and improve the levels of male hormones to a level that is conducive to sexual desire in women. Indole 3 Carbinol (I3C) improves estrogen levels and keeps the unhealthy estrogenic compounds at low levels. There are many other natural components in this preparation that act together to maximise the effects of Provestra.
Provestra provides a complete package of goodness for women desirous of enhanced sexual pleasure.
With limited options available to restore sexual health in women, I endorse and recommend Provestra for women eager to better their sex life with augmented lubrication, orgasms and a pleasurable sexual experience.
Dr. Karen Vieira, PhD, MSM

Dr. Karen Vieira, PhD, MSM