Myths of Women’s Desire

Universal Myth Believed by the World about Women’s Sexual Health.

Soft music, bubble bath, chocolates and wine! These are just add-ons to create the mood for enhancing sexual pleasure. Adequate lubrication and sensual libido are pre-requisites for a good orgasm.
People around the globe have a misconception that powerful strokes and fore-play accentuate great sex. Believe it or not, this is one of the most common myths about female sexual desire.
One can’t just simply talk about demanding sex without taking care of the essentials required for good sex!
Women are known to be complex sexual-beings! Their body, heart, sensuous skin and health are all responsible for developing and maintaining sexual interest and the resultant sexual performance.
In order to re-kindle the passion and desire, one has to be serious about striking the right balance in their lives.
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Nowadays, women have a busy and stressful lifestyle and as they neglect their own health their sexual desire too gets affected.
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